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Monday, 9 December 2013

Finishing off.

Well Mr M went to watch his beloved football team play.  
Me I spent the whole day finishing off things…

First I finished off my appliqué BOM block for December. It was not however until I had taken the photo of it, I realised the leaf in the top right hand corner was waving at me. Now do I unsew it and do it again or leave it? It does make me smile so I just might leave it..

Then on to dressing the christmas cakes, the little one is to eat now in December, while we are doing christmassy things, with cups of tea. The big one is kept till Christmas.

 The Rainy Day Quilt was quilted and just needs it's binding attached, a job for tomorrow.

 And last but not least the Red work tea light shade was finished, to go with the two I made in class, with the delightful Mandy Shaw.

Mr M's team drew so he was not unhappy, and I had a lovely day finishing things.

Today we are going to trim the tree, so we might cut the little cake this afternoon when we stop for tea...

Keep safe and keep stitching ….Doti...


  1. I'd leave your leaf... It has been windy of late, it will remind you. I've also found that a second go never looks right usually....
    You are so productive.. Puts me to shame.... But I have made boozy mincemeat today.... x

  2. Leave the waving leaf! I love it!


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