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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Siblings Together 2

As you know, I am part a group called Siblings Together 2. and it is my turn in January to be the mama, and decide what blocks we are making. So here is a short tutorial for a Slab block. Please could the members of the group make two 12 1/2 inch blocks in bright colours.

First raid your scrap bin and sort into colour groups.

Press all your fabrics.

 Cut one white or off white scrap, I used Kona White. Any size from 2" to 6", this one is 4" X 2 1/2"

 Now start building up the slab in a single colour.

 Make sure that the white scrap is surrounded by colour on all 4 sides. It does not matter where in the block the white scrap ends up.

  Now continue till your block measures about 13", to allow for squaring up, I did find that I needed to square up as I went along.

Just a press and it's done.

Now to make the second one.

The normal Blog will resume tomorrow...

Keep safe and keep stitching……….. Doti...

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