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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Only a little Sewing..

It was my Birthday this week and it was such a very enjoyable day, my lovely friend at the Bee made a birthday cake and I had lots of lovely presents.

Mr M bought me a Cherry tree, that hopefully will have lots of eatable fruits on it.
When our rescue dog Bramble died, (she was 17) and she had been with us since she was three, we said we would put her ashes under a cherry tree. 

So yesterday, that is what we did. Half are under the tree and the other half we are going to spread in the strawberry patch, as Bramble used to pinch the strawberries. We always thought it was the birds till I caught her red handed (pawed) backing out of the patch with a big strawberry sticking out of her mouth. 

We have planted it quite close to the little cottage next door, which we rent out to holiday makers, so they will be able to share in its beauty.To the right hand corner of this picture is the plum tree and Gandalf's ashes are under that.

I have done a little sewing on the appliqué BOM, but I am having to pace my self as the wrist is still very painful or I should say the thumb is still painful.

The stems are done and I hope to do some of the little blue forget-me -nots today, thumb and fingers crossed.

 I must show you this beautiful yellow rose. It is called Canary Bird and is just looking wonderful at the moment. I did laugh though today as I see there are potatoes growing in that pot with the basket around it through the forget me nots. The earth came from the compost heap so they must have been in there.

And that stupid bird is building a nest again in the rose arbor, where we sit for coffee in the mornings, and making a splendid mess all over the table.

Mr M put this Robin house up outside one of my sewing room windows, so we could watch if it decided to move in. Mr Robin has not but Mrs Blue Tit is very interested in the flat above it, bringing lots of nesting materials.

And last but not least a present from one of my neighbours. Now that is so cute, and a lovely thing to do with an odd cup and saucer .

Now off to see how long the thumb holds up and how much appliqué I can get done.

Keep safe and keep stitching .....Doti....

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  1. The little place you have coffee is so charming! I think it's sweet what you wrote about your dog, and the way she loved strawberries.


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