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Monday, 21 April 2014

Suggestions please.

The Parsley quilt is all ready to be hand quilted. I still cannot think of a better name for it, so if any of my readers have a better name for it please comment at the end of this blog.

I like to keep hand sewing for when we are at the Bee, so I am already for Wednesday.

The last Post was called Plodding along and I now see I called another post Plodding along in February. That might tell you something about me always plodding, but I do get there in the end..

Some time was spent on the community quilt, and I must admit I had lots of fun making beach hut blocks and little boats.

The wrist is holding up well but I had to wear my splint.

On a completely different vein, I often put up pictures of the view out of our back door, well here is the said back door.

Its called a stable door and splits in half. Well this was early in the year,

this was about about three weeks ago from a slightly different angle.

 And this was yesterday leaning over the door. My pots are completely hidden, and a new crop of plants have come up. The purple/pink is Honesty, I do not plant it, the birds bring it.

Looking at the picture, I must move that pot under the table. A pair of blue tits nested in it last year and Bilbo(our border terrier) rolled it all around the garden. Moved to the safety of the top of the table they reared their young, and it is now empty. I wonder if they will come back this year?

My knitting has been unpicked and I have started all over again, no pictures to see as yet. My next job is the hand appliqué BOM, going to see how the wrist holds up.

Keep safe and keep stitching........Doti...


  1. Well I think a prettier name around Queen Anne's Lace would be nicer....

  2. Your plants are beautiful, and I really like the blue door.

  3. I love your beach hut blocks, and what a very pretty garden, I would be happy to sit and stitch on your little wooden bench among all those lovely plants.


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