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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Where, oh where have 10 days gone.

Well, it is 10 days since I posted on my blog. Mr M and I have been quite poorly. We went down with some bug, we think while we were away or soon after. My goodness, it did lay us low. In fact other than sleep I am not sure what we did.

We are however fighting fit again(nearly). No sewing or knitting has been done, other than to unpick the alphabet blocks I did on the day we went down with the lergy, and I see my knitting will have to be  unpicked also. I went wrong on the first line of pattern above the rib. Oh well, a fresh start.

The garden however is looking good. So here is a little round up of what is flowering at the moment. We feed the birds so find lots of things self- seeded, if they want to grow there then we let them.

Not sure about these violets, they are in the crook of the down pipe and the water butt, and do not seem to be in any soil at all. "MY" they are pretty.. And the pear tree in the one above has lots of blossom this year. Though we lose most of the pears to scrumping, do we mind? Not really, both Mr M and I did it as children and it has far too many pears for us to eat.

Now to get back to some sewing, before the withdrawal symptom set in.

Keep safe and keep stitching.........Doti...

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  1. I'm glad you are feeling better, and now you can craft! Your plants are beautiful.


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