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Thursday, 10 January 2013

First Wednesday Club of the year

It is indeed the first Wednesday Club of the year, it seems a long time ago that we all met up. As you know Wednesday club is held at Quilters Haven our nearest quilt shop. They had lots of  lovely new fabrics in stock, but as you know from when I tidied out my sewing room I need  do not need fabric, in fact I could sell them some. I did however, buy a new fine line fabric marker pen (FriXion) that you iron to remove. There were 14 of us there in total, all doing different things. I was working on the first of my UFO (un finished objects) which of course is now a WIP. ( work in progress).

Block five 
I started this maybe 2 years ago. It's a whole cloth panel and this is the 5th panel. I intend to stitch them together in the "quilt as you go" method. I think I need 9 panels before I add borders. It's very relaxing and something I can do on the go as the panels are 20" square.

        Annie was busy making tiny Bargello strips( she likes tiny fiddly things) Look at her sewing basket under the table, also tiny blocks. I think these were going to be a Tea cosy.

Annie's Bargello.

 I just had to take a picture of this, Pippa was making a pieced border for her quilt and had laid them all out on her table, they were all so neatly pressed. I will show you the quilt when it is finished. It's lovely so far, and all recycled fabrics.

Pippa's neat piles.
   Much laughter was had and mainly at Jenny's expense again. She was making her star block with her scraps from her Friendship quilt but it did not help that the pattern she was using had a page missing.  Then sewing the final strip on she put it on back to front. We did laugh. Sorry, Jenny.
 Her finished block was lovely.

Jenny hiding behind her  faulty block

I have finished my Log Cabin blocks and later today I am going to sew them together. Then see if I need to make more blocks or put a nice border on. I do hope it's the later as I am a little fed up with making the blocks now, and I now know why I have not done log cabins for 20 years,
(pretty but monotonous). 
Ha! Ha! but it is for my son so shall soldier on...

Off to cook healthy lunch.

Keep safe and keep stitching........Doti..

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