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Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Yesterday, I said if I found the tutorial for the little pin cushions I would put it up, well I have found it or should I say it found me. I sat down at the big mac this morning and up it popped. I had saved it, and as it is much better than anything I could have done, here it is

Yesterday evening, I sat looking through my new knitting book and thought I might make my self the lovely Hoody in it. It was going to be the hat on the cover, but as my lovely husband bought me a rather nice grey sheepskin hat for Christmas, I thought I was more in need of a nice warm cardigan.so I have ordered the wool from my friend Anj at Meadow Yarns and now have to wait till it comes.

No sewing to show you, but thought you might like to see the little goblin that sits on the roof of what used to be my Pottery, till I retired and just did my warmer hobbies ie:- knitting and sewing. Ha! Ha!  

He looks a little perplexed at all the snow. I looked out of the kitchen window at him the morning and he is even more covered up. Oh dear, when will this snow go, soon I hope. Not sure if there will be any Wednesday Club tomorrow..

Keep safe and keep stitching...Doti..

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