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Friday, 18 January 2013

No Quilting Bee this week.

There was no quilting at the Bee this week. It was cancelled due to the weather conditions. Lots of the girls live out in the sticks, so journeying to Wickham Market was a non- event. Several of us have skype so have kept in touch. Every one is cooking comfort food and getting some of their hand quilting done. What could be better than sitting by the fire with a quilt over your lap, hand quilting. 
That was to be my job for today, after having a big bowl of porridge for my breakfast, 
making Butternut squash soup for lunch and putting a casserole in the oven for tea. 

But as you know I am apt to go off at a tangent. I had received a book yesterday I had been waiting for from my friend +Anj of Meadow Yarns. The book was Colours of Shetland by +Kate Davies

New Book with scrap wool.
Well you know me. Straight to my knitting basket to try out a little project. I found some scrap alpaca wool from a previous project and decided to start of with a little pair of mittens. Will have to order more wool off Anj if I want to make anything bigger.

Bit Bin

I have done a little sewing. I thought I needed a little bit bin to put all the threads in rather than dropping them all over on the floor and sucking them up the hoover (they always get stuck around the brushes).It sits very neatly next to my sewing machine with its weighted pin cushion (sand) to hold it there, some of you may notice its scrap stripes from my log cabin quilt.

I took a little trip down the garden to look at the snow. It had only been trodden on by birds and looked really lovely. My little summer house looked a little sad though. You might know from previous blogs I sit in my summer house (I call it my shed) in the summer and sew. 

My garden

My neighbours garden

I thought my neighbours garden was rather beautiful though forlorn.

Going to sit in front of the fire and knit my mittens...

Keep safe and keep stitching .....Doti...

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  1. Love the mitten Dorethy,I'm getting the wool to knit the ursula cardigan.


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