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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Another Rainy Day.

It is indeed another miserable, dark, rainy day. We had two lovely days this week, and I did manage to get on in the garden. Though I am so far behind this year with the clearing and the planting.There will be no gardening today however, so will it be knitting or sewing. You may well ask.

This is where my knitting is at the moment, the sleeves were knitted in the round and then added at the armpits. I had 476 stitches at that point, and the most I could manage was about 6 rows an evening. 

Evening is when I knit as my husband likes to watch the telly, so it's hand sewing or knitting for me.
My knitting is getting to an exciting point at the moment, shaping the neck and setting up the hood, so it might just win over my sewing, as I am not sure where I am going at this moment with that.

 I love this fabric, and these are some scraps I have been playing with, Trapuntoing  (not sure that is a real word) the birds, but you quilters out there will know what I mean. Then small stippling around them so they puff up. What to do with these pieces when they are done ? that indeed is a good question. I need another bag? I don't think so! Though on second thoughts I might just make it into a little pouch to put in my gift basket, till the right occasion arises.  Watch this space...

I went to a very interesting demo at Quilters Haven yesterday. It was a Sizzix demo, and the machines are £76 and the "girls" at the quilting Bee are thinking buying one between them to share. It cuts through 8 layers of fabric at a time and we cut out lots of Drunkards Path blocks in no time at all, and of course they are very precise.. I am undecided at the moment if it's something I would use a lot, but you never know. 

I think the knitting has won, I am going to sit by the fire and knit, blow the RAIN...

keep safe and keep stitching.........Doti...

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  1. It's looking really good Dorethy,look forward to seeing it finished.
    Love the dandy bags


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