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Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter.

Happy Easter everyone, 

 I have bought the wadding/batting and backing for my jigsaw quilt ( might have to find a better name than that), and I just have to put the borders on the top. I am loving this quilt, it is so gentle and soft and was fun to make, with the help of my husband who drew up the background design. He not being a quilter put in some challenging seams for me to sew, but my, am I pleased with it!

I had a lovely comment on my last post from the designer of the fabric Shell Rummel, which made my day. Thank you Shell.

Got to gather greenery for church flowers, and there are hot cross buns to eat, so this is a very short post today.
I hope every one has a good holiday.

keep safe and keep stitching .....Doti..

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