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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Continuation of The Dandy Little Bag

I said yesterday I would continue the little bag today, computer willing etc.
Well here we are again, the sun is still shining, and my lunch guests have departed.

Stitch across the corners and cut off.

Cover corner seams with bias binding.

Side view of covered seams.

Turn bag right side out, your bag should look like this so far.

Make handles. Cut 2 strips 19" x 3,"press 1/4" over on both long sides. lay 1 1/2" piece of wadding along length, fold over and top stitch both sides.

Pin handles evenly to both sides of bag.

Make facing strip. Measure width of top of bag all around + 1/2"(for seam) and press up a 1/2" seam along the length.

Place facing over top of bag and carefully pin all around, then stitch 1/4" from top over all layers.

Flip facing up and stitch 1/8" from top of bag, press down and slip stitch hem of facing to inside of bag. 

your bag should now be finished...

I hope you like this Dandy little bag, and you have had fun making it. Please comment if you did. I know I had fun and I have made two now.

I made this little purse to go with my bag, but that is a whole new story.

This was my bit bag after I had made my little bag, now normally that would have been all over the floor Ha! I am beginning to get really tidy...

Keep safe and keep stitching.... Doti,,,

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